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Happenings Around the Water Trough

Mud! A Horse Owner’s Worst Nightmare

Over the last 2 weeks we have gotten about 4″ of rain and when you have horses out in pasture or a dry lot (when there is no grass), you get a lot of mud. My pasture currently looks like a swamp and the two pens that horses are in looking like wading pools.

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TS Jay Twister AKA Dori

So I have been putting this off for a few days, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to share it with the world. I shared the store with in a secret Facebook group, so I decided to share with all of you also. You all know about Dori, my 6 yr old Jackie Bee bred mare.

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Starting my next journey!

Now that the 2015-2016 barrel racing season is over and I am looking forward to 2016-2017 (mostly 2017) as I start to bring horses up and fill the shoes that Rocket is leaving behind. I still plan to haul and run him a little as I don’t think he 100% ready to quit and I need a veteran to haul with the “babies” who aren’t exactly babies anymore.

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NBHA State Finals

Tomorrow morning, we leave for King City for our last race of the season. NBHA State Finals runs Oct 1st through Oct 2nd this year! It will be the last big race for Rocket but he will only be going into semi-retirement as I want to haul him with Dori and he isn’t ready to quit.

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Preparing for WCBRA finals

As we are preparing for WCBRA Finals, I am have found myself reflecting on our season. It was a humbling season for sure. There have been many ups and downs, good times and not so good times.

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Saddle Shopping

I have the opportunity to purchase a new barrel saddle. There are so many options out there and I am pretty sure way more option

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Designing Your Own Equestrain Facility

We were not lucky enough to purchase a turnkey facility all ready for us to move in and start running our training and lesson programs out of. When we were searching for our “perfect fit” property, we looked at 3 facilities ready to go, we just needed horses and clients, but each other had a thing or 2 that wasn’t quite the right fit.

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