Equine Sports Massage

Equine bodywork services include:

Pricing for services start at $100. Pricing will depend on the service or combo of services performed during a session. Packages are also available.

  1. Sports Massage Session — 45-60 minute massage session
  2. Massage w/Red Light Session — 45-60 minute massage session with either the red-light pad or torch on extra sore spots
  3. Massage w/Kinesiology Taping — 45-60 massage session with K-tape applied to areas needing extra support
  4. Red Light Pad or Torch Session — 15-20 minute red light session for stress relief or pre-show therapy
  5. TheraPlate Session (Available at the wellness center) — 30 minute TheraPlate session for pre-ride warm up or post-ride cool down
  6. MagnaWave session — 30-45 minute session for areas that my hands can’t get to
  7. Kinesiology Taping — pre-ride or show k-taping session for added support to areas that take extra strain during workout
  8. Massage w/Magnawave — 45-60 minute session including Magnawave to help penetrate the deeper tissues my hands can’t always get to.
  9. Massage w/TheraPlate (available at the wellness center)

My clients are coming to me because I am a competitor that understands how our performance horses work both on the English and western side. I have helped client horses clock faster in the barrel pen or score higher in the dressage arena by relieving tension in the horse’s body allowing them to be relaxed and loose during their rides. Horses are softer and more responsive after a bodywork session because I have improved range of motion, released tension and increased blood flow to the muscles for faster recovery time.

With my extensive knowledge of the equine body and performance horses, I will be able to assist your horse in feeling his best in and out of the arena. I can pinpoint his trouble areas and work on releasing the knots and muscle spasms causing pain. I will be able to read your horse and use the best modality to suit his issue.

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