Sharon Camarillo/Donna Irvin Barrel Racing Clinic 2017

A couple of weekends ago, Kayla and I attended a Sharon Camarillo/Donna Irvin “Better Barrel Racing” Clinic as audits. For $100, we were able to visit Falling Oak Ranch, in Salinas, CA, for the two day clinic, sit at the end of the arena and watch 2 incredibly talented women teach a stellar group of girls how to be better barrel racers and horsewomen.

I took my pen and notebook, and prepared to write down as much information as I possibly could. What I wasn’t expecting was to be treated like one of the class, but Sharon and Donna made sure Kayla and I felt included in the everything all weekend. We even got the chance to ride on of Sharon’s horses, Wanda, on Sunday and loped through the barrel pattern.

My favorite part of the whole weekend was setting some new goals and new expectations for myself, my horses and my clients. All the information that was taught, I will be able to take back and inplement into my own program.

While listening to Sharon and Donna talk, I took notes, 25 pages of notes to be exact (typed out into 20 pages). The one thing about the A.R.T of Barrel Racing is that it is a program you can follow and see results from.

I am implementing new exercises into my training and teaching plus reading and rereading the books Sharon has written.

Last Thursday I hoped on the reiner in our barn that I ride and for the first time in a long time I became very conscience of what my feet, legs, hands and body were doing. I rode with my feet parallel to the ground and my toes pointed toward the horse’s nose instead of pointing out inadvertantly poking my horse with my spurs. My hands were where they belonged and I was more focused on riding. I rode with a purpose!

I fully intend on attending another level 1 clinic, this time on a horse and also attending a level 2 clinic.

I learned so much from Sharon and I am greatful that Caitlin opened her barn to us crazy barrel racers.

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