My 2019 Horse Holiday Gift Guide

Are you stuck on what do get your horse friends for the holidays? Here is my 2019 Horse Holiday Gift Guide.

I am going to help you with some of my favorites that every horse person will love.

The following are 12 items that every horse person should have:

  1. The Saddle Sack – Theses come from Fallon Taylor’s Ranch Dress’n. They are convenient for your phone, cash, gum, and whatever else you like to carry with you while you ride. There are so many cool colors and designs that you can coordinate with your take. They easily strap to your saddle. (I like to attach mine to my pommel).
  2. Sore No-More (all their products) – Do you or your horsey friends use liniments on your horses’ legs after work out? Sore No-More gelotion is my favorite. It is easy to use and smells good, plus you can use it under your Benefab therapy boots or BOT boots. I love the liniment spray under my saddle pad during/after our rides. Use discount code:: 
  3. Benefab or Back on Track therapy Products – I use Benefab but have used Back On Track (BOT), as a matter of fact, I love my BOT hook boots for Snick with my Benefab quick wraps on her front legs.
  4. The Secrets to Barrel Racing Success book series – Heather Smith is a talented barrel racer that has helped me to fine-tune my training program and take my barrel racing to another level.
  5. Star G Speed Beads – Jessica Gilbert does a fabulous job designing a unique product that helps calm our horses. I love that I can create sets to coordinate with my tack sets, and they are handy on the trail for letting others know you are coming.
  6. EquiFuse – All of their bath products are fabulous and make my horses shine. Gleam is my favorite for keeping manes and tails tangle-free and works fantastic for getting fairy knots out of manes 😉.
  7. Tack – You can never go wrong with tack!!
  8. MrsPasture’s Cookies – These are my horses’ favorites (aside from Nicker Makers), and only get them at Christmas time.
  9. Appointment with their Favorite Massage Therapist or Chiro – our horses deserve the best care, so help your friend give their horse a little massage or adjustment. (Or treat your friend to a spa day for themselves.)
  10.  Memberships – help your friends with their association membership fees. Many associations are less than $65, so help your friends out 😉.
  11.  Snacks – As a horse person, I tend to forget to take snacks with me to the barn. If you can figure out your friends’ favorite snacks, they would make great stocking stuffers!!
  12.  Barrel Racing Journal or Record Book – there are several out on the market, so do some research, but I love to record my stats after each gymkhana or barrel race. These are also great stocking stuffers.

 So now I have shared 12 gift ideas with you, for the 12 Days of Christmas. Head over to our Facebook page and share some of your favorite horsey gift ideas. 

What have you received that you love or that you have given that you wish you’d kept?

Chestnut horse reacting during equine massage session (5 of 6)


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