Tee JS Twister AKA DoriIMG_2279

I purchased Dori as a two year old in 2012 with the intentions of riding, training and hauling her in 2013. Due to unforeseen circumstances including injury, she sat most of 2013 with a little riding and not much hauling. At the start of 2014, I was going to buckle down and start riding her again so that I could haul her through the summer and then futurity her this winter, but again she has ended up on the back burner.

With the realization after ACBRA finals that I will not have very many runs left in my current horse, I need to start riding her. This mare has a ton of potential and will be the horse I focus on this winter so that I can haul her with Rocket while he can still run. I haven’t really ever hauled and competed on two horses at the same, but I am very ready now for the challenge and to prove to myself and everyone around me that this is what I am meant to do and that I CAN do it.

Dori is a big bodied mare with great breeding, a great mind and is offering me a challenge that has shown me what kind of trainer I am and what I like in my horses. She is blast to ride when we are on together, but can also make me question how I do things which gives me the opportunity to grow as a trainer and reminds me that I do not know everything.

As my barrel racing season winds down in the next few weeks, (we have one more finals race left), I will step it up and ride this horse that will carry me to association finals races next year and prove to the world that I can pick out, purchase, train, ride and run champions.

Following in the coming months as I bring this big mare along and start hauling and patterning her for the 2014-2015 season. I will show you that dreams do come true one step at a time!

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