Confidence on your Barrel Horse

I had a conversation with a friend the other day about our horses and her wanting to get back into barrel racing. I asked her why she wasn’t racing right now and she gave me a bunch of excuses (something I am very familiar with). One of my excuses right now is that it is too expensive to haul to a covered arena to ride, there is mud every where, I am afraid of my mare. We discussed what was holding her back and came to the conclusion that most of her excuses were in her head. She was listening to her inner critic and not her inner coach (thank you candence coach for that one), which is something I have discovered I have been doing the last few years while pushing my mare to the back burner.

One of the tools that I have gotten from what Candence Coach’s founder Jen Verharen teaches in Take The Reins is that you need to turn your inner critic into your inner coach. Change the negative thoughts in your head into positive one. I have fought with my inner critic for years and for 2017 I am chaning those thoughts to being my inner coach. I lack the confidence to believe in myself and so does my friend.

Are you struggling with your inner critic? What is that voice saying? Can I help you reach your goals by helping you overcome your inner critic and mold your inner coach? Share with us in the comments!

Chestnut horse reacting during equine massage session (5 of 6)


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