Building my Confidence on a New Horse

One of my biggest challenges of 2017 has been building the relationship in the saddle with a new horse. Dori is not necessarily new as I have had her since she was 2, but she has been on the back-burner as I have built my small career on my gelding and trying to build my business. I have struggled with admitting to myself that I am afraid to ride her. I don’t have a fear of any other horse that I have swung a leg over in the last 5 years but I am terrified to swing a leg over my mare.

A little back story::


About 3 years ago I was riding her in the field at the house and we hit a bit of a metaphorical brick wall. I was asking for her to follow her nose around to the left and she refused to go left. Threw her shoulder to the right and down we went. She took me down hard and we landed in the dirt together. She rattled my confidence on her really bad and put her back on the back burner. I rode her a few times after that but not as much as I should have.

Fastforward to a few months ago::

I ran into a buddy of mine while I was working at the store (we worked together at the feed store back in 2011-2012) and he was asking me if I knew of anybody that needed horses ridden. I said “As I matter of fact, I have a mare I need help with.” He wanted to take a look at her but offered to take her up to the ranch and gather cattle on her. We set a date and time from Matt to come out to LoneStar Riding Academy.

Last Saturday Matt and Kayla came out to the barn to see what I had in my mare. Matt was really impressed with her build, movement, etc., but decided she is still too green to had to the hills. We talked a bit and decided that he would come out and help me with Dori. We talked about I needed/wanted and how we were going to go about it.

I am going to be documenting the journey. The goal is to get her loping around flat footed, not bucking and giving her head when asked without a fit.



Chestnut horse reacting during equine massage session (5 of 6)


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