Bond With Your Horse

Are you truly bonded with your horse? Do you know HOW to bond with your horse?

Having a good solid bond with your horse is a key proponent to a great relationship with your horse. Bonding with your horse gives you a way to build trust in each other. Whether it is a new horse or your current horse that you have owned for years, you need to spend time your horse.

Answer the following questions: does your horse live in a stall or in a pasture? Is your horse alone or in a herd? Do you board or is your horse kept at home with you?

There are so many ways you can bond with your horse. The top 5 ways for that to happen are:

  1. Grooming your horse as often as you can –> if your horse lives at home, make time to groom him every day. If you board your horse or are trying to bond with a lesson horse as often as you can and just brush your horse.
  2. Work with your horse in the round pen or on a lunge line –> doing a hooking-on exercise in the round pen getting your horse to focus on you. Put your horse on the lunge line and work him through all 3 gaits.
  3. Take your horse for a hand walk –> hand walking your horse is a great way to bond with them and to get exercise for both of you. You have the opportunity to both be relaxed and just be with each other. Pet your horse, love on him look him over, just be together.
  4. If your horse is stalled either, either at home or boarded, go clean his stall while they eat, be present. Check your “problems” at the stall door and notice your horse.
    1. How does your horse like his hay?
    2. How does he eat his grain?
    3. Does he stand with a certain hind leg cocked more than the other?
    4. Is there a certain place your horse takes care of “business”?
  5. If your horse lives in a pasture, go sit with him…just be with your horse. Do some groundwork. Or go ride your horse! Go on a nice relaxing ride around the pasture, arena, trail ride or field. Ride bareback if you have to confidence and ability to.

So basically to bond with your horse, just spend time with him. Learn your horse’s idiosyncrasies. Bonding is the key to a solid, trusting relationship.


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